Summer CSAs at the Market

Do you rush to get to the Farmers Market early so you get the freshest veggies?

Well, if you are a Farmers Market enthusiast and have your favorite farmer that you visit each and every weekend, you may be a perfect candidate for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). CSA’s have taken root over the last 18 years across the country. By purchasing a CSA share from your local farmer is basically establishing a partnership with them thru an annual or semi-annual fruit and vegetable subscription. Subscribers pay at the beginning of each season and each week you visit your farmer and he in turn gives you a share of the vegetables and fruits he has growing at that time. We are seeing more and more small farmers and consumers who care about the quality and the value of the food they feed their families, purchasing a CSA, is a perfect opportunity to do just that. CSA’s are safe, local and sustainable.

Photography by Pedro Romano  

Heirloom CSAs

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