Get Real Certification

Heirloom Farmers Markets recognizes the importance of building a sustainable regional farm economy, and offers the REAL Vendor classification to help make your purchasing decisions easier by distinguishing our Southern Arizona Farmers, Ranchers and Producers at the markets.

To implement this initiative, the Heirloom staff visit all of the farms and ranches that are represented at our markets. We are amazed at the industrious people who continue to do this significant work.  Simply look for a ruby red flag that hangs in each vendor’s booth with one of the three vendor classifications, or visit the Vendor pages on our website for the classification insignia.  If you have questions about the produce, the meat, or the eggs, you can talk with your local Real Farmer, Real Rancher, or Real Producer directly!

If you have any questions about how we came to define our vendor classifications, please stop by the market information booth. We are always happy to speak with you! Just one more way to get REAL at Heirloom Farmers Markets.




Farmers are actively involved and invested in the planting, growing, and harvesting of agricultural products on owned, rented, leased, or sharecropped land. This category includes poultry, dairy, and fish. 80% of market produce and product should be planted, grown and harvested by the farmer to be considered for this classification.  The Farmer classification also includes value-added products made from a majority of their own farms’ products.


Ranchers are actively involved and invested in ranch land that they control through ownership, lease, rental or other legal agreement.  Products must be raised on range grasses and plants with a minimum of 200 days in pasture, prairie or grassland.  All meat and dairy products must be labeled in accordance with USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) and ADA (Arizona Department of Agriculture) requirements.


Producers sell processed or value-added foods such as honey, pickles, condiments, cheese, soaps, and charcuterie. These vendors grow, raise, catch, and gather the ingredients featured in their products.