How to shop the market

In an effort to simplify your shopping experience, we have put together a few tips to help make your visit to your local farmers’ market a less stressful and complicated venture. With the right strategies, your market excursion can be both pleasant and productive!

  1.  Shop early.

    The best selection and the most popular goods go first, and fast! This is particularly true with seasonal specialties, such as berries during the warm summer months. Arriving early helps to ensure the availability of your favorite products.

  2. Bring Cash.

    Plain old cash is the main currency at the markets. Do not count on the vendors to accept credit cards and checks. In addition, keep the bills small. Hundred-dollar bills are hard to break, and most vendors don’t carry that much change with them. Forgot cash? No problem, we have farmers market currency that you can purchase with your credit card at our Market Info Booth and are accepted at all Heirloom Farmers Markets.

  3. Bring sturdy bags.

    Or, purchase one of our beautiful canvas bags at the market! It’s easier to carry produce or frozen meat in sturdy cloth bags, plus it helps reduce waste. A cooler in your car is also recommended if you want to keep products frozen or cold. You never know if you’ll need to make a stop on your way home.

  4. Keep it Simple.

    If your first purchase is a few delicious ingredients that makes a simple meal…great. Fresh produce lasts longer and you can become accustomed to the beet or carrot that has the greens still attached and a little dirt on it, because the taste is well worth it.

  5. Leave a little wiggle room.

    You may head to the market for tomatoes, and you may pass a vendor with great looking early apples, so leave a little wiggle room in your purchases for that special ingredient you weren’t expecting to find.

  6. Be Curious. Look For the Red Flags.howtoshop-01

    Farmers grow their vegetables; they choose the varietals that best suit the climate and conditions. Not sure who’s a farmer? Look for our red ‘Get Real Certification‘ flags at the vendors booths to know who’s growing and producing their food locally.

    Don’t let the sticker value of the produce scare you away. Farm fresh produce will last longer then most store bought. So, make sure you shop around! Also, if you’re on the SNAP/EBT, check out our Double Your Dollar$ Program on fruits and veggies.

    Ask the farmers questions. How much longer is this in season? What will you be bringing next week? How do you prepare this? You will gain the knowledge that you need to fully enjoy your purchases. #knowyourfarmer

  7. We love dogs, we don’t like Fiesty Fidos.

    Please keep your dogs on a 4 ft. non-extendable leash, and one handler for each dog. Any dog that misbehaves or exhibits behavior inappropriately or threatens the safety of any persons or other dogs will be asked to leave the market.

  8. Have more questions?

    Find our market info booth at the farmers market. Our friendly staff will help you find a certain vendor or update you with the latest happenings at the market.