SNAP/EBT & Double Up

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SNAP/EBT & Double Up Arizona Food Bucks are accepted at all Heirloom Farmers Markets. In response to community need for fresh and local food, the $20 daily Double Up Food Bucks incentive limit has been removed, effective immediately at all active Double Up sites. There is now no limit on the Double Up Food Bucks incentive.

EDUCATION Programs at the Market

Heirloom Farmers Markets supports supplemental nutrition programs, including SNAP/EBT, WIC, and FMNP Seniors, as part of our mission to provide vital access to fresh healthy local foods to the community. The dollars spent from these programs directly benefit our local farmers, ranchers, and producers year-round at the markets. To redeem or learn more about these programs, please visit the Market Info booth.

In an effort to support a healthy SNAP and WIC community at the Sunday Rillito Park Farmers Market, we offer educational programs about seasonal produce, meal planning, shopping the market, and cooking:

  • Market Ambassador – Look for our Ambassador in the bright orange apron to assist you in shopping the market. Sponsored by Arizona Complete Health.
  • Taste of the Market (TotM) – Visit the bright orange TotM booth for a weekly helping of food literacy and education. Sponsored by Arizona Complete Health.
  • Rillito Park Farmers Market Tours – Join us every second Sunday at Rillito Park for a FREE 30-minute farmers market tour. Meet at 9am or 11am at the Taste of the Market booth in the center circle. Sponsored by Arizona Complete Health.


SNAP Enrollment Information | English & Español

Have you ever wondered if you qualify for food assistance programs? The Supplemental Food Assistance Program (SNAP) is one of the many programs that can help Arizonans afford fresh, healthy and local food.

  • SNAP is available for all Arizonans who qualify.
  • SNAP is easy to use. SNAP benefits are loaded monthly onto a card that works just like a debit card.
  • You get to choose where to shop and what to buy. Also, when you shop at participating farmers markets and other Double Up Food Bucks locations, you can double your SNAP dollars!

If you need help getting more food on the table, stop by the Market Information Booth at any Heirloom Farmers Markets location. We have new materials, resources, and information to share with our community about accessing SNAP and other food assistance programs.

Ready to apply for SNAP? Please call 1-855-432-7587 or visit

This project is funded in partnership with the USDA. This institution is an equal opportunity employer and provider.

SNAP/EBT | English & Español

  • SNAP/EBT (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) are accepted at all Heirloom Farmers Markets: Wednesday Green Valley Village, Friday Udall Park, Saturday Oro Valley, Saturday Rincon Valley, and Sunday Rillito Park Farmers Markets. To learn about other farmers markets participating in the Double Up Food Bucks Arizona Program click here.
  • SNAP/EBT can be spent on all food products at the farmers market, except no ready-to-eat food items.
  • In response to community need for fresh and local food, the $20 daily Double Up Food Bucks incentive limit has been removed, effective immediately at all active Double Up sites. There is now no limit on the Double Up Food Bucks incentive.
  • SNAP/EBT Double Up Food Bucks can be spent ONLY on Arizona-grown fruits and vegetables.
  • Visit the Market Info Booth at the farmers market for more information.
  • For directions and market info visit our Markets page.

  • SNAP/EBT (Programa de Asistencia de Nutrición Suplementaria) se acepta en todos los Heirloom Farmers Markets: Green Valley Village los miércoles, Udall Park los viernes, Oro Valley los sábados, Rincon Valley los sábados, y Rillito Park los domingos. Para obtener más información sobre los mercados de otros agricultores que participan en el programa Double Up Food Bucks Arizona, haga clic aquí.
  • SNAP/EBT se puede gastar en todos los productos alimenticios en el mercado de agricultores, excepto no alimentos listos para comer. 
  • SNAP / EBT Doble comida Bucks se puede gastar ÚNICAMENTE en frutas y verduras cultivadas en Arizona. 
  • Visite el Puesto de Información del Mercado en el mercado de agricultores para obtener más información.
  • Para obtener instrucciones e información sobre el mercado, visite nuestra página de Mercados.
  • En respuesta a la necesidad de la comunidad durante la pandemia de COVID-19, estamos eliminando temporalmente el límite de incentivo de $20 por día de Double Up Food Bucks, efectivo de inmediato en todos los sitios activos de Double Up. Desde ahora no hay límite en el incentivo Double Up Food Bucks.

Double Up Bucks Arizona | English

Heirloom Farmers Markets is proud to be a partner of the Double Up Food Bucks Arizona program since May 2018. This program is part of the Fair Food Network’s national Double Up program and was brought to the state by the Arizona-based nonprofit Pinnacle Prevention. When customers use their SNAP/EBT Card at participating farmers markets, every dollar they spend is matched with an extra dollar to spend on more Arizona-grown fruits and vegetables, and currently there is no limit.

Redeem at the market

  1. BRING your SNAP Quest/EBT (formerly food stamps) card to a participating Double Up location. Look for the Market Info booth at the market and stop there first to learn more.

  2. BUY SNAP-Eligible items such as fruits, vegetables, bread, dairy, meat, and dried beans. There is no daily limit on SNAP purchases.

  3. GET FREE Arizona-grown fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, dried beans without added ingredients, and plants that produce food with your Double Up Food Bucks. For every $1 you spend on your SNAP card, you’ll receive $1 in Double Up Food Bucks, usually up to $20 per day, but currently there is no limit.

Double Up Bucks Arizona | Español

Heirloom Farmers Markets se enorgullece de ser socio del programa Double Up Food Bucks Arizona a partir de Mayo de 2018. Este programa forma parte del programa nacional Double Up de Fair Food Network y fue llevado al estado de Arizona por la organización sin fines de lucro Pinnacle Prevention. Cuando los clientes usan su tarjeta SNAP / EBT en los mercados de agricultores participantes, cada dólar que gastan se corresponde con un dólar gratis para gastar en más frutas y verduras cultivadas en Arizona, hasta sin límite.

redimir en el mercado

  1. TRAIGA su tarjeta SNAP Quest/EBT (antes conocida como estampillas de comida) a cualquier ubicación de Double Up. Busque el puesto de información en el mercado para aprender más.

  2. COMPRE alimentos participantes con su tarjeta SNAP – como frutas, verduras, hierbas, y frijoles secos. También puede comprar pan, lácteos, y carnes. No hay limite de compras en sus productos SNAP.

  3. RECIBA GRATIS frutas y verduras cultivadas en Arizona, plantas y hierbas, y frijoles secos con sus Double Up Food Bucks. Por cada $1 que gaste con tu tarjeta SNAP, obtendrá un $1 gratis en Double Up Food Bucks. Puede recibir hasta $20 dólares por día – pero ahora no hay limite durante la pandemia de Covid-19.