In Memory of Starlene Moore of Starbar Farm & Ranch

In the Heirloom Farmers Market scene, each and every weekend, a tribe of sorts drives in from all points of the compass–North, South, East and West.  The market vendors are industrious folks who come to the market to sell their products.  We have our cast of characters; those who come set up, sell, and leave without so much as a wave, and then there are those who come to the market that are friendly, outgoing and social.  They are all the family that make up the vibrancy of the marketplace, and just like any family, we have our funky, quirky, and odd characters that we learn to live with and we love the ones we’ve got.

The Star in StarBar Ranch is Starlene Moore. She was the owner of a ranch in McNeal, Arizona.  A vibrant character with a love for animals and life on the ranch, she was deeply committed to growing the best food possible.  She was a naturalist, a conservationist, passionate about the care of her animals as well as her family and friends–a true frontierswoman.  Starlene lost her battle with cancer on Saturday, March 19. When one of our own market family members passes, it reminds us that we are all connected: to our land, to our customers, and especially to our friends and extended family.   Starlene will be notably missed, yet her partner Barb Sherry will continue the legacy of growing the best food possible.  After all, a star will always shine on, especially in our memory.