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Please consider donating to Heirloom Farmers Markets. Your donation will support our operating costs and help keep our marketplaces open. Our producers sell directly to the community, allowing them to keep more of their revenues. Your tax-deductible gift contributes to our mission to increase vital access to the community for local nutritious food, and provide economic opportunity for many local family-owned small businesses.

Over the past three years, we have seen the world change in many ways, which has led to increased food insecurity in our community. In response to this crisis, local food systems have had a critical role in expanding food access. Despite the hardships we have faced, HeirloomFM is looking forward to better years ahead to support our food community and our local farmers and producers.

“The SNAP/Double Up Farm Bucks program has enabled me to afford exceptional quality produce. Without this program, the opportunity to shop at the market would not be possible, or would be extremely limited for me. Also, being able to befriend the farmers and see the benefits of their hard work in my life has given me renewed purpose in my own.”

– Nicole, SNAP EBT Customer

Your gift, of any amount, is greatly appreciated and directly supports:

  • Access to local healthy food for customers with SNAP/EBT, and FMNP WIC/Senior food benefits who rely on their purchases to be matched with a dollar-for-dollar program spent directly with our local food producers. In 2022, our market customers redeemed $136K in SNAP, $116K in AZ Double Up Food Bucks, and $26K in FMNP dollars.
  • The infrastructure for more than 30 local farmers and 250 small businesses that otherwise may not survive. At our markets, producers sell directly to customers, and you can truly know your farmer!

Thank you to our amazing customers, vendors, volunteers, and staff.

We are able to operate because of YOU!

“Serving with Heirloom Farmers Markets has been a great way to connect and serve the community! It is fulfilling getting to know the small businesses and farmers in the Tucson area. It has been even more fulfilling providing healthy, organic food to families who participate in supplemental nutrition programs. Food access is one of Heirloom’s top priorities and I am grateful to be around a community that can rally behind that mission.”

– Dawn Thompson, AmeriCorps Farmers Market Coordinator with Arizona Serve

Your donation to Heirloom Farmers Markets supports the communities we serve: in the fields, in the markets and on our tables across Southern Arizona. We thank you for your generosity to help keep our markets growing!

“The staff at Heirloom Farmers Markets did a great job at keeping the markets running safely during the pandemic. Thanks to their efforts, we could grow a product that our customers could enjoy!”

– Guillermo Nido of Nido Farms


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Heirloom Farmers Markets is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that has been serving the greater Tucson area for over 20 years. Your gift is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law (EIN #463227755).