Manish Shah, Executive Co-Director
Roxanne Garcia, Executive Co-Director
Nick Szumowski, Market Manager
Parker Filer, Market Manager & Volunteer Coordinator
Zoë Anderson, Marketing Manager

Pedro Romaño of Pedrography, Market Photographer
Creative Slice, Website


Jaye Wells, Board President – Rillito Park Foundation
Susan Fulton – Gourmet Girls Gluten Free and President of Tucson Originals
Jason Tankersley – Tanks Green Stuff
Deborah Tenino – Contigo Restaurant
Ramiro Scavo – Pasco Kitchen and Red’s Smokehouse & Taproom
Janet Taylor – Southwest Cookbook Author
Brian Ward – The PRIME Leaf

Frank Williams, Ex Officio Position – Frank Williams Design and TONE Nutrition


Manish Shah

Co-Executive Director


Manish Shah was born in India, and spent much of his childhood in New York. At a young age, a business opportunity brought his family to Tucson, Arizona, where as an adult he would make his home. In the early 1990’s, Manish began to notice a rise in the popularity of chai tea, a drink traditionally served in India. This prompted the young entrepreneur to develop his own formulation of chai, which he began to sell at a small booth at a local farmers’ market in late 1996. Maya Tea Company was born. As the years progressed, the tea company blossomed and the farmers’ markets grew exponentially, and soon Manish was asked to take over their management. Today, Manish manages four local farmers’ markets and the tea company has grown to provide over 200 varieties of tea. Eternally entrepreneurial, his eyes never close to opportunity, and those of us close to Manish are always on the lookout for what is next to come.

Roxanne Garcia

Co-Executive Director


Roxanne Garcia grew up in Las Cruces, New Mexico on a chile and tomato farm. She was selling at the local farmers market at the ripe age of 10 years old.  In 2002, Roxanne relocated to Tucson, Arizona where she planted roots with her two children. In 2004, a mutual friend referred her to Manish, who was looking for someone to assist him in running Heirloom Farmers’ markets. With her background in agriculture and a degree in marketing, Roxanne was an ideal candidate. Roxanne helped Manish run four successful markets in Tucson and it’s surrounding suburbs including Oro Valley.  Roxanne’s experience of agriculture and a passion for cooking make her job and blog posts naturally enthusiastic.

Nick Szumowski

Market Manager


In the summer of 2006, Nick Szumowski migrated from his hometown of Duluth, Minnesota to Tucson—just in time for the summer heat.  Nurturing a raw-vegan diet, one of his first orders of business was to find a market that could supply local, organic produce, and one that would be open year-round.  A coworker directed him to a Heirloom Farmers Market, where Nick immediately felt at home.  After a few years of frequent shopping, a series of synchronicities brought him into contact with Manish and Roxanne, and shortly after their acquaintance Nick found himself working within the markets that he so enjoyed.  Today, Nick assists with the coordination and management of our four local farmers’ markets, and his enthusiasm and spirit brighten not only the outdoor venues but our offices as well.

Parker Filer

Market Manager & Volunteer Coordinator


Parker Filer was raised in western Pennsylvania where he spent summers helping his family cultivate large backyard gardens. He began studying agribusiness at Yavapai College in Prescott, AZ and now holds a Masters Degree in International Agriculture and Rural Development from Cornell University. Having travelled widely as a student and a volunteer Parker has been an engaged in a variety of agricultural research and extension projects including fieldwork in India, the Philippines, Hawaii, and Honduras. Working as a Market Coordinator at the Sustainable Food Center in Austin, TX was a formative experience in how to build an inclusive and resilient local food system. Parker’s diverse professional experience reinforce his belief in the profound value of agriculture to sustainability and community.  He is thankful to have found a home in Tucson at Heirloom Farmers Markets where these values are endemic and flourishing  in the markets’ culture & growing community.

Zoë Anderson

Marketing Manager


With a BA in TV & Film Production from Brooks Institute of Photography and working in Los Angeles for several years in the film industry. In 2007, Zoë left the hustle and bustle to reclaim her home in Tucson spending the past 9 years working in marketing, graphic design and web development. Joining the HeirloomFM team in July 2013, she found happiness in sharing her passion for local fresh food and connecting with her community by integrating her creative marketing and design skills in support of small business development. Now in her 3rd year working for HFM, she thrives on the continued collaboration with her peers and passionate market vendors to see their business grow and expand their customer reach. In office, Zoë is in continuous planning mode utilizing her creative project management skills to execute marketing and art direction for special events at the market, grant execution, and Heirloom’s print and online presence.