Golden Rule Dairy

Offering pre-orders to Udall Park, Oro Valley, Rincon Valley, and Rillito Park. Pickup available at the farm (closed Sunday). Call to schedule a farm pickup, 520-210-2857.

As we watch our cows grazing peacefully in the pasture, lying in the shade of the pines, or chewing their cud with their eyes half-closed in complete satisfaction, we are quickly reminded of how milk cows were raised and treasured in times gone by. Almost all families had a favorite family cow that supplied them with rich creamy milk that was used in its raw and natural state. Whether you prefer churning it into creamy butter, making a batch of fresh ice-cream to share with a friend, whipping it into cream to complement your favorite dish, or enjoy making cheeses, culturing it into your favorite kefir drink or you just want to enjoy a glass of cold raw milk, we are excited to be able to share this amazing experience with you!

We are a Licensed Grade A Dairy.

We take pride in producing high quality and delicious tasting milk! Our girls are treated with the best of care and fed only that which is best for them and the consumer.


Grass Fed ~ Non GMO ~ Grain Free

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Oro Valley, Rillito Park, Rincon Valley, Udall Park

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