Backyard Green House

We employ sustainable practices in our food production by utilizing aeroponics and a stacked tray system for growing microgreens. Aeroponics, our primary cultivation method, involves growing plants in a controlled, soilless environment where they receive necessary nutrients through a fine mist. This precise nutrient delivery and targeted pest control eliminate the need for excessive pesticide use, making our approach environmentally friendly and reducing our impact on local ecosystems. While our aeroponic system currently uses zero pesticides, it is important to note that it cannot be classified as organic under the USDA’s current regulations due to the use of minerals in the water. These minerals, however, are 100% natural. In contrast, our microgreens are grown using a stacked tray system. This method allows the microgreens to absorb water directly from the tray, ensuring that every drop of water is efficiently utilized by the plants. This approach promotes water conservation and resource efficiency. Furthermore, our microgreens are grown entirely pesticide-free, further enhancing the sustainability of our practices. By combining aeroponics for larger crops and the stacked tray system for microgreens, we prioritize sustainable farming techniques that minimize the use of pesticides, conserve water resources, and promote the production of high-quality, environmentally friendly food.

Green Valley, Rincon Valley

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