Arid Adaptations Nursery


Founded in 2009, Arid Adaptations features a myriad of species of cactus and succulents, including rare and specialty varieties. Most of our plants are frost hardy and well-adapted to arid conditions, making them ideal for the Tucson climate. Excellent varieties of vegetable plants are also seasonally available.

Jeff Moore has been growing plants in Tucson since 1992. The last ten years he spent at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum as a horticulturist in the botany department. As his personal plant collection began growing out of hand, it became obvious that a nursery was the only answer. With six greenhouses, 50,000 plants, lots of dogs, 15 chickens, turtles, and great landscaping, he has created a wonderful oasis in the desert.

Green Valley, Rillito Park

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