The more we do.


Does it seem like time is moving faster? Or perhaps time is the same, and it’s me that has developed a penchant for adding more things to my schedule and procrastinating in other ways.  It rings true to a sense of irony—the more we do the more we put off doing.  This holiday season I have been putting off shopping.  But perhaps it is my list that is uninspiring—do any of us really need another sweater, tie, ring, or necklace?  What I want this and every year is something that can’t be bought: good friends, good times, good food and working towards good in my community.

I am certain that I have every one of those good things in my life. I am lucky that way. Working with the farmers’ market community I get the chance to be with many good people.  I have developed a close bond with many of the vendors that I see every weekend.  As for our customers, I can say that I enjoy visiting with each and every one, many of whom I have developed a friendship with.  And then there is the food, for which the word “good” hardly suffices.  One must enjoy the luxury of fresh, organic, vibrant whole food, just picked from the garden.  Together we—farmers, ranchers, vendors, customers, Tucson Parks & recreation, Oro Valley town council/staff, Maynards Market staff/admin, St. Philip’s Plaza merchants/admin—all of us work together to bring the best possible good for our community.

This holiday season, embrace the good.  Shop your local merchants, buy your food from the farmers and ranchers, support your local butcher, baker, and soap maker, plant a garden, bring about good in all your endeavors.  Look around the market for your gifting needs and stop procrastinating because maybe, just maybe, this is what the holiday’s all about: family, friends, community.  The more we do for them, the more good we cultivate, effortlessly.

Thank you, from my heart. Happy holidays from our farm table to yours!
Manish, Roxanne, Nick, Clayton, Justin, Lisa and Brian.

Holiday Hours:   Friday, December 23 – Jesse Owens Park Farmers’ Market -Open 9 am to 1 pm

Saturday, December 24 – Oro Valley Farmers’ Market – Open 9 am to 1 pm

Saturday, December 24 – Maynard’s Farmers’ Market Downtown – Open 9 am to 1 pm

Sunday, December 25 – St. Philip’s Farmers’ Market – CLOSED