Thanksgiving at the Markets

The Farmers’ markets are more popular than ever, and as a result we are growing our markets and expanding our venues to help keep fresh & local produce accessible. This is very good news: it’s good for you, good for the farmers, good for small businesses and good for the community. But building these markets is not as easy as it seems; We rely on our farmers to keep up with the steady demand. While we are busy with our lives in the city, the farmers are up in the early morning hours checking the crops, responding to the night temperatures, attending to livestock and contemplating when to pick for market days for the freshest possible produce. Each and every farmer at our market does so with love for their customers – you are the very reason they have chosen to bring their offerings to our markets.

Each year brings with it a season full of challenges and accomplishments. Harvesting is always difficult, but particularly so when a frost hits and those once-abundant tomato plants will no longer produce their delicious fruit. We are extremely lucky here in the Southwest desert- thanks to our moderate temperatures, much of our produce is available year-round. While many farmers’ markets are open only seasonally, our farmers bring their produce to market fifty-two weeks out of the year. Every week I am amazed at the incredible food selection at the market, and currently at the wide variety of greens, root vegetables, citrus and fruits that are available during this first frost.

November is finally upon us, with crisp nights and ambient temperatures that most Tucsonans embrace after the hot summer days. As we move into the frantic holidays, I must remind everyone of the benefits of preparing and eating local, fresh food. In addition to their unmatched quality and care, shopping for and cooking with local produce is truly an incredible experience and one that everyone (including myself) forgets sometimes. Take time to create an exceptional dish with something as simple and delicious as golden butternut squash and zesty kale, orchard fresh apples, dates and persimmons. The accolades will be obvious. From our farmers’ table to yours, we at the Tucson Farmers’ Market wish you a truly bountiful Thanksgiving.

Blessings, Roxanne