Cream City Market

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Offering free delivery in Tucson. Customers can pre-order, pay and pick up at Rincon and Rillito markets. Contact at 262-388-2083 or [email protected]

Legendary Wisconsin Cheese Curds fresh at the Farmer’s Markets.


Born & raised in Southeast Wisconsin, our formative years were spent running through corn fields, fishing, waterskiing, wild blueberry picking, and cheese curd eating along the shores of Lake Michigan and the pristine Northwoods. We love bringing fresh cheese curds, a hallmark of Wisconsin Cheese, to the West, sharing some of Wisconsin’s very best!
Milwaukee is known historically as Cream City. Back in 1800’s, a majority of now historic buildings were constructed with distinct cream-colored brick made out of clay from the beds along the Menomonee River. Catching a view on Lake Michigan, the city appeared like a layer of “cream.” It was only fitting to name our company, (and our Wisconsin Brick Cheese “Cream City Brick” -because we are clever) after our ol’ stomping grounds.

Green Valley, Rillito Park

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