Vendor Marketing Application

Thank you for showing interest in the USDA: FMPP Marketing Meeting Program! Please fill out the survey below to the best of your ability. To participate in the Marketing Meetings this form is mandatory and will be used for pre-qualification. Please note only 40 Rillito Park Vendors will be selected. If you have any questions, contact Marketing Coordinator Zoë Anderson during office hours by phone (520) 882-2157 or email: [email protected]. Deadline to Apply: Wednesday, September 14, 2016. Vendors will be notified by Tuesday, September 20 if they’ve been selected.

MeETING Format + Benefits

  • 3–5 Vendors Per Meeting (Rillito Park Vendors Only)
  • 20 Minutes of Customized Marketing Information
  • 10 Minutes of Open Questions
  • Provided Vendor Marketing 101 Syllabus
  • $25 Social Media Marketing Voucher + Tech Support


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