We Have Much To Be Thankful For

Gathering \ɡaT͟H(ə)riNG\: a bringing together; to assemble from various places.

The Heirloom Farmers Markets are our family–places with familiar faces, and friends new and old.  At our newest location, the Rillito Park Farmers Market, we are celebrating 2 years. For some, that may not be a long time, and for others it can be something akin to dog years. For the organizers, vendors, musicians and customers, the Rillito Park Food Pavilion has become the gathering space for localists who seek all things local. Each and every weekend, you will find fresh local food brought to the market to be sold by Real Farmers, Real Ranchers and Real Producers. It really was a dream all those years ago: A gathering place where vendors have the opportunity to unload, set-up and sell their offerings. The farmers markets are a place where customers who assemble from all over Tucson and various other places can really see what the vibration of the area is all about.  It’s a place to meet your neighbors and friends, or to hang out with your families. You can arrive by car, by bike or by foot, or by way of the dry riverbed we call the Loop. Now that’s what we want in our community, a place we call home.   

A BIG thanks goes out to you, our customers, who believe in our vision, who have supported the market each and every weekend. You have made us a weekly stop for your groceries, your fresh coffee and pastries, farm fresh eggs and veggies. Thank You! We cannot easily express our gratitude. You have have helped many small businesses, farms and ranches thrive. You have created a foundation upon which so much more can be done to help build and sustain our local economy.

We are humbled by your enthusiasm. We are honored that you choose Heirloom Farmers Markets. Thank You and Happy Thanksgiving!