Udall market has been canceled

After much effort, we must announce that the Udall Park Farmers’ Market will not be able to reopen this fall. Udall Park is on land that was originally managed by the Bureau of Land Management. This property was given to the city in a land swap for another property. When the market was in operation last spring, we were informed there was an issue with BLM who reasserted their requirements upon the park. They were specifically concerned with the presence of any commercial activity on BLM land. When the market closed for the summer, we hoped this issue might be resolved as attorneys from both sides discussed the concerns. Things seemed promising but took a different turn. BLM has asserted its right to prevent any commercial activity upon the land which Udall Park sits despite the land swap.

We have been clear with BLM regarding the wide, negative impact this has on the many patrons and supporters of the Udall Park Farmers’ Market but to no avail. We have been offered other alternatives by the Tucson Parks and Recreation staff but those locations cannot meet our needs. We are continuing to look for other locations in the area that might be suitable to open an Eastside farmers’ market but this process takes quite a while. It took us nearly a year to find and create the plan for the Udall Park Market. If you should have any suggestions, we would be happy to hear them!

We have informed the Office of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords on the matter but have still not heard back as yet. If you have further questions you may email us at [email protected]. If you would like to express your sentiments, the person at BLM responsible is Brian Bellew (520-258-7200). If you wish, you may also contact Congresswoman Giffords office at 520-881-3588 to voice your opinion. We want to thank you for your loyal patronage and hope to get you East Side residents the freshest, local food soon.