Rain or Shine

We did it!

We made it through the blustery, rainy weekend. We don’t experience those windy/rainy days often and when they land during the market weekends it’s particularly challenging. We are grateful to all the customers who made their way to the Friday market at Jesse Owens park and to the Oro Valley market on Saturday.

So here’s a BIG THANK YOU to our customers and vendors who (despite the weather conditions) found those jackets that had been put away and came out to the markets. As my grandfather always said, the plants don’t know if it’s raining or blowing. When they are ready to be picked, it’s time. (Translated from Spanish)

I have lived in Tucson long enough to appreciate the fifty weeks of the year we have lovely sunshiny weather. Yes, even when it’s 110 degrees outside in the summer we all shed a few layers and accept our warmer weather. This little April shower is not only helpful to our gardens, our farms, our flora and fauna, it is also nice for those of us Tucsonans who want to pull out our patio chairs to watch it rain and bask in that elusive desert rain smell.

Rain or shine, the markets will be open. See you next week as we start our new summer schedule — 8am ~ 12noon and temperatures in the high 80’s!