Meet Backyard Grower Sunset Cove

Bruce from Sunset Cove came to the Oro Valley Farmers  Market with an idea that germinated into a small garden.  He began cultivating a small patch of land behind his house in Catalina and, with the help of his fellow farmers, he garnered more experience with each passing year.  Bruce brings more and more of his famous salad greens every week- pick your own combination of greens from a selection of spinach, collard, mustard and arugula– all for the same price! It has become so popular that Bruce’s tossed salad mix has customers lined up as soon as the market opens.

Many a morning Bruce brings his Catalina neighbors produce like Cliff’s Orchards and Our Garden to help supplement his offerings with citrus and other fruits like peaches, apricots, and apples, as well as root vegetables.  When it comes to fresh, organically grown produce, you won’t find a more particular guy than Bruce.  He is always available at the Saturday Market in Oro Valley.

If you make it to the Saturday Oro Valley Farmers Market, also check-out our other small OV grower Elizabeth’s Garden. Backyard grower Elizabeth not only sells veggies and fruits, find her with fresh eggs, baked goods, and other locally-made products. See you at the market!

Photo Credits: ©2015 Pedrography – Pedro Romano

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