Know Your Farmer: Larry’s Veggies

Imagine for a moment that you love working in your garden so much that you begin growing far more than your family and friends can eat.  What’s the next step? This is the backstory for Larry’s Veggies. Larry and his wife Eunice moved to Marana, Arizona from Douglas 10 years ago. When the kids moved out, they sold their 80-acre farm, and downsized to a 1-acre backyard garden that was once just mesquite trees and creosote shrubs.  Each year the plot gets a little bigger, and today, Larry farms 5 acres dedicated to a healthy variety of seasonal crops like onions, lettuce blends and heirloom melons.

Eunice reflects back, “Our neighbors couldn’t take many more vegetables, so, Larry and I decided to give the local farmers markets a try.  We started out with a card table at the Oro Valley farmers market. Today, we attend 3 markets with 2 tents and six tables laden with fruits and vegetables from the garden.” The card table was 8 years ago, but now Larry’s Veggies is one of the premier farms selling at the Heirloom Farmers Markets.  “Our customers and the markets continue to support our efforts while we continue to grow bigger with each passing year. Now that we are retired, Larry just loves playing in the dirt and I love going to the markets. We wouldn’t have it any other way!” says Eunice.

Visit Eunice and Larry at all 3 Heirloom Farmers Markets including Trail Dust Town (Home of Pinnacle Peak) on Fridays, Saturdays in Oro Valley at Steam Pump Ranch, and Sundays at the Rillito Park’ Farmers Market Pavilion.

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