Here we GROW again!

Every living thing has its life cycle and as the seasons come and go, we see the transition from winter to spring, summer to fall and each season brings with it the vegetables we come to enjoy. Each May the Farmers’ Markets see a drop in produce, as this is our ‘transition’ month.  What I mean by this is our farmers transition from winter to summer crops.

Quite frankly, as a farmers’ daughter I hated this time in the garden.  It meant that we had to work twice as hard to clear out all the lettuces and greens that were going to seed, toss them into the compost bin and replant. For a couple of weeks you will see this transition take place at the markets.  The lettuces and winter greens will be less and less as the heat gears up.  The heat loving summer vegetables will be coming in; squash, some tomatoes, peas, green beans, radishes, cucumbers and hopefully some peaches and blackberries!  So if you happen to come to the market looking for your favorite farmer and he/she isn’t in their spot, it could be that they are busy in their gardens, clearing out the old and ushering in the new crop for summer.

If you have visited our markets recently you will see some new faces.  Be sure to stop by and let them know that we are so happy to have them at our markets.  Come check us out as we are clearing ourselves a new plot to grow!
Here we grow again!

-post by Roxanne Garcia