Get your game face on!

This super football weekend, if you are not one of the lucky ones who get to go to the BIG Game and yes, I do know of a few super cool people (I NOT being on of those!) who are flying out tonight to New Orleans. The Super Bowl Saturday and Sunday at the Farmers’ Market may be something to do before the kick-off on Sunday. At this juncture (Friday) I will share some amazing tactical planning tips to make your game day really great.

This is my gameday strategy: Get up early hit the Oro Valley Farmers’ Market, pickup the following items – Grass-fed pork loin, smoked salmon, 1 jar of Triple-berry jam, 1 bag of fresh tortilla chips, 1 bag of roasted green chile, 1 bag of roasted garlic, 1 bag of tea (for those that won’t be drinking alcohol), some nuts for snacking all while drinking my fresh roasted morning coffee.

On Superbowl Sunday, I will run to the Sunday at St. Philip’s Farmers’ Market (because in my haste to get my coffee) I forgot the following few items: 2 tubs of fresh salsa and 1 tub of ceviche, 1 more bag of tortilla chips (son ate half the bag), a baguette, fresh tomatoes, salad greens, a goat cheese roll, sprouts and re-fill my travel mug with fresh roasted coffee…oh and a mesquite sweet pie for dessert.

I am ready and set for kick-off. Hope you will be too! Get your gameface on!