Come meet the New Kids

by Roxanne Garcia


On June 12th we opened a new section at Saturday’s farmers’ market in Oro Valley and Sunday’s farmers’ market at St. Philip’s Plaza.  Did you notice? We are growing again!  Wow– two years ago I never would have imagined that the markets together would expand to over 100 vendors.  We live in Tucson, Arizona -the desert, with limited water, difficult climate, HOT summer temperatures, scarce farmland…I could go on and on.  But here we grow again with more and more growers, farmers and ranchers who are making the decision to market directly to the consumer and are showing up ready to sell their products.  Something must be happening; as I dedicate this blog to those that are ‘new kids in the neighborhood’ I must also show gratitude to those that have been at the market for years, some farmers and growers have been at the markets for going on 10-11 years now.

Perhaps its a synergy of this labor of love.  Could it be that as people we are sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Are we looking to feel better, look better, be at home more, or to simply feel the comfort of cooking in our own homes with family and friends? Yes, yes and yes! To dedicate ones’ life to ranching, farming and growing food it must be a labor of love.  We are reclaiming a life of purpose.  I shop at the local farmers’ market, and therefore I support good-for-my-body food; Not only do I feel better, but I know who my farmer is, I feed my family seasonal dishes, I share my food with my friends, I support sustainable food systems and I show my love for my town, city and it’s surrounding communities.  Wow!  Did you know you do all of that just purchasing from a vendor at the farmers’ market?  Well you do–and we are so glad that you do, too. It takes each and every one of us to make a small contribution that just  keeps us growing in ways we never dreamed of.

Come check out our newest line-up of vendors, the ‘new kids in the neighborhood’:
Walking J Farm, High-energy Agriculture, I Can Have That!, Organic Kitchen, Anna’s Kitchen, Frog’s Organic Bakery, River Road Farm, Becker Family Farm, Southern Comfort Farm, & Circle Key Farm.

And of course, those farms that have dedicated the last 5-10 years to the Farmers Market:
Richcrest Farm, La Oesta Garden, Grammy’s Garden, Sleeping Frog Farms, Seasonal Natural Farm,
English Family Fruit Farm, Larry’s Veggies, Big D Farms, Sunset Cove Gardens, and Supernatural Organics.

Looking for a particular farmer at a specific market?  Check out our individual market listings on our website