Eat Local and Fresh with SNAP Rewards

Edible Baja Arizona • By Julia Ranney • Posted 6/28/16

Buying local and fresh produce at the Farmer’s Market just got a lot easier for SNAP recipients.

Interested in buying produce locally but feeling limited due to financials? Thanks to a grant awarded by Wholesome Waves, eating locally just got a lot easier! The Heirloom Farmers Market at Rillito Park on Sundays and Trail Dust Town on Fridays from 8am to noon now offer the opportunity to “Double Your Dollars” on all SNAP purchases. This Double Value Coupon Program (DVCP) will match eligible SNAP shoppers up to $20 in additional vouchers to purchase fresh, local produce at selected markets.

As of May 2015, only 36% of farmers’ markets in Arizona accepted SNAP benefits.* Hopefully this initiative will give that percentage a much-needed boost and improve regional food access. Given that one in five Arizonans live in poverty, and that 17.8% are food insecure,* The Wholesome Waves grant initiative provides the opportunity for anyone to support local farmers while also supporting the consumption of wholesome, healthy food. The DVCP was designed to increase the value of federal benefits like SNAP by empowering recipients to support farmers in their area, to keep federal dollars local, and to help create economic viability in our region through farm-to-retail venues.

SNAP shoppers can obtain both the SNAP and Double Dollars vouchers by visiting the market info booth at each respective market. Get shopping!

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