Summer Quench Fest

Summer has officially landed in Tucson, making it more important than ever to stay healthy and hydrated. Luckily the warm summer sun and long days also bring along the best of summer’s sweetest, juiciest, and thirst-busting produce! At Heirloom Farmers Markets first-ever Summer Quench Fest on July 27 and 28, locals can cool down and enjoy the best watermelons, peaches, cucumbers, and tomatoes that our Arizona farmers have to offer. In addition to seasonal samples and glorious summer produce, Summer Quench Fest will be abuzz with live music, Taste of the Market‘ fresh fruit soda waters, and special deals from many different market vendors. This food-centric event is an all-around great way to spend a hot summer day. 

Although the coolest May in 40 years was a pleasant surprise for most Tucsonans, it delayed warm-weather crops at area farms – especially those at a higher elevation. “It’s a blessing and a curse,” says Sleeping Frog Farms Farmer Laurel Goslin. “We still have greens, but [the cooler weather] has delayed our summer crops.” Now that summer is in full swing, farmers are expecting an abundance of summer’s most refreshing produce––juicy melons, sweet peaches, and crunchy cucumbers––at the end of July. Folks can revel in the highly anticipated arrival of everyone’s favorite summer crops at Summer Quench Fest from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Summer Quench Fest is a celebration of the delicious summer crops our local farmers grow to help us beat the summer heat! At Heirloom Farmers Markets’ Taste of the Market booth sponsored by Arizona Complete Health, visitors can sample fruit soda water and juicy summer salads, then learn how to make both at home with freshly picked local produce from market vendors. Local farms like Arevalos Farm, the San Xavier Co-op Farm, Cochise Family Farm, and Larry’s Veggies will have a variety of thirst-quenching produce available. Visitors can expect some of the year’s first Tohono O’odham Yellow-Meated watermelon, known as “Gepi” in O’odham, from Arevalos Farm. The heritage melons, which can get to be up to 35 pounds each and grow well in Arizona’s harsh summer heat, are revered for their crisp, sweet, and undeniably delicious flesh. Visitors will also find a plethora of peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other melon varieties – enough produce to keep them hydrated long after Summer Quench Fest is over. 

Festival-goers should consider getting to Quench Fest early to enjoy the day’s coolest weather and get the most out of their stay. A hat, reusable bottle of water, and cooler bag always improve hot days at the farmers market. With a little planning and preparation, locals will find that Summer Quench Fest is a wonderful summer event filled with delicious local food, live music, and family fun!