Holidays at the Market • Trail Dust Town

Heirloom Farmers Markets is proud to announce its 3rd annual Holidays at the Markets event at the Green Valley Village Farmers & Artisans, Trail Dust Town (Home of Pinnacle Peak)Oro Valley Steam Pump Ranch and Rillito Park farmers markets from 9am – 1pm. This holiday week will have something for everyone, including live music, vendor holiday deals and plenty of holiday gift ideas!

Celebrating the joyous flavors of Baja Arizona, the Heirloom Holiday Markets will showcase more than 180 farm and food vendors over the week and culminate with a featured chef demo, family photo booth, and live music from French Quarter on Sunday at Rillito Park.

Holidays at the Market:
  • Wednesday, December 13 – Green Valley Village (Live Music, Chef Demo, Vendor Deals & 140+ Artisan and Food Vendors
  • Friday, December 16 – Trail Dust Town (Live Music, Vendor Deals, and 20+ Artisan and Food Vendors
  • Saturday, December 17 – Oro Valley market (Live Music from Mark Garris, Vendor Deals, and 20+ Artisan and Food Vendors
  • Sunday, December 18 – Rillito Park Food Pavilion – Live Music, Chef Demo Vendor Deals, Photo Booth and 20+ Artisan and Food Vendors

Vendor deals to be announced soon!