Citrus Jubilee at the Farmers Markets

Pucker up and celebrate the citrus season! This year our local oranges, grapefruits, lemons, tangelos and kumquats are flourishing on the trees. At Heirloom Farmers Markets, we’re excited to highlight this fresh and zesty fruit with its own Citrus Jubilee weekend! Join us at the markets from 9am – 1pm on Friday, January 24th at Udall Park, Saturday, January 25th at Oro Valley (Steam Pump Ranch), and Sunday, January 26th at Rillito Park (Food Pavilion) for locally grown citrus and citrus food specialties and deals.


At the farmers market you’ll find tangy breads and pastries, citrus jams and jellies, freshly squeezed juice, orange blossom honey, flavored olive oils and vinegars, and scented soaps highlighting this vibrant fruit. Plus, keep your eyes out for recipe cards on the many ways to cook and use this in-season fruit. Join us for the smells, flavors and inspiration citrus brings to your palate!