17th Annual Chile Festival • Rillito Park

Southern Arizona isn’t the only thing that’s been heating up this summer – local farmers have been working hard growing fiery chiles to help satisfy our cravings for this seasonal specialty. Now, guests can taste, smell, and savor the region’s best chiles over four days at Heirloom Farmers Markets’ 17th Annual Chile Festival from September 12 – 16.

Established in 2001 as the Roasted Chile Festival, the 2018 Annual Chile Festival invites thousands of visitors to experience the best of chile season at all five Heirloom Farmers Markets. For four days, Heirloom Farmers Markets will be brimming with tons of locally grown chile varieties, freshly roasted green chiles, and an array of chile-infused specialties from market vendors. “Our annual Chile Festival is the event our customers and vendors look forward to each year. The aromas of fresh roasted Hatch chiles fill the market and our vendors always impress with offering chile-themed foods for the weekend,” says Nick Szumowski, Director of Operations at Heirloom Farmers Markets. Whether they want to spend one, two, or four days celebrating the 17th Annual Chile Festival, guests can get their chile fix at Heirloom Farmers Markets this September.

Chile Festival at the Farmers markets:

Order your Hatch chile bags by September 12:

And if all of that is not enough, you can pre-order your fresh roasted Hatch chiles from Kris Young of Red’s Roasters to be picked up at any of the 3 locations by calling 520-409-3406.  The deadline for orders is Wednesday, September 12thFor all other festival and market related questions, please call 520-882-2157.