Tita! Tita!

Aunty-inspired Filipino-style street food

All For One & Lumpia for All! Lumpia is a Filipino-style egg roll traditionally served with savory or sweet fillings. Perfect as an afternoon snack for the fam, or even as the main dish at your next backyard party.

But Tita! Tita! is more than the best Lumpia you’ve ever eaten. Cody & Philip are on a mission to bring all sorts of, sustainable and locally sourced, Filipino-Style street food to the hungriest city in the southwest. Beyond Lumpia Cody and Philip can also be found cooking up some Filipino-style BBQ skewers & some irresistible guava shortbread cookies. Find them at the Rillito market each Sunday!

Can’t get enough? Check their website for retail sales. Still not satisfied? Let Cody & Philip cater your next event! Reach them at [email protected] to find out more. Also, be sure to check out their newsletter or follow them on Instagram for updates on pop-up locations and so much more!

Rillito Park

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