Inner G Cells

I started my business in 2019 after learning about EMFs and the effects that harmful radiation has on our bodies. So I took a course on how to make healing energy generators that mitigate the effects of radiation and bring balance to the body. Now, I am a certified Orgone artist and have a certificate from Orgone Academy. Since then I’ve been making and selling orgone energy devices, healing tools and anti-radiation devices that have been scientifically proven to reduce the effects of harmful radiation, improve sleep and stimulate plant growth, along with other great benefits. All of my products are tuned to a healing frequency of 432 hz and some devices can be tuned to different healing frequencies as well.

I sell Handmade orgonite Pyramids, orgone energy generators, orgonite necklaces, orgonite phone stickers: offers protection from EMFs and harmful radiation emitted from cell phones and other electronic devices, improves sleep, and boosts plant growth. Orgonite tower busters: These can be placed around the home for EMF Protection. Orgonite coasters, charging plates, and trays: Fruits and vegetables can be placed on these to stay fresh for longer, electronic devices to reduce the EMFs, crystals to be charged, and water can be placed on it to be purified, restructured, and cleansed.

Green Valley, Rincon Valley

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