In The Beginning Farms

In The Beginning Farms is a Montoya’ father and son operated business. Located on 2.5 acres in the beautiful scenery of Hereford, Cochise County. Their sustainable farm practices include organic composting, drip irrigation, winter row covers, and harvesting produce the day before market.

Between January and April months they have 2,500 linear feet planted greens and winter veggies – including arugula, purple broccoli, carrots napoli, beans, oak leaf lettuce, buttercrunch bibb, minzuna, merlot red lettuce. In April, they start to harvest our garlic scapes (edible flower bud of the garlic plant). In Mid-May they fully harvest the garlic and onions varietals. Plus, they grow a great harvest of the summer crops. You can also check out their handmade mesquite cutting boards all year round.

Rillito Park

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