Fiore Di Capra Goat Cheese

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Fiore Di Capra family farm is excited to offer our wonderful award-winning grade A raw goat milk, goat cheese (chevre, feta, ricotta, crottin, soft ripened), goat milk yogurt, goat milk kefir, goat milk cajeta, goat milk caramel and goat milk fudge.

We are dedicated and committed to bringing only the highest quality goat milk products to our customers. Other than filtering and refrigeration, our goat milk is not processed in any way: it is truly “straight from the goat to the customer.”

  • We feed our goats local browse (bushes, branches, leaves, pods, etc.) and locally farmed pesticide-free alfalfa and bermuda grass hay.

  • Our goats are not fed any grain (corn, soy or beet pulp products). While on the milk stand, our girls are treated to a small non-GMO barley portion.

  • Our goat milk is hormone and antibiotic free. We never use hormones! Antibiotics are used sparingly and only in life-saving situations, and treated animals are removed from milk production for twice the recommended withdrawal period.

  • No additives or preservatives are used in our products (other than a light sprinkling of sea salt).

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