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Our Story

Bajo Tierra Kitchen began in January 2014.  After working at local farms, and in the food service industry for many years we began experimenting in our own kitchens with food preservation.  Our passion was, and remains today, to preserve excess produce that would otherwise go to waste.  After experiencing first hand the struggles of local food producers we wanted to find a way to provide an additional revenue stream for farmers, and create new job opportunities in our community.  At Bajo Tierra Kitchen we love feeding people good food, and know that food brings us all closer together.

What makes us different

Our small batch Kimchi uses the freshest ingredients available.  We buy from organic distributors and support local farms by sourcing through Pivot Produce.  What makes our Kimchi Sonoran Style?  We use regional chile varieties such as chiltipins, and nardellos, we also add cilantro creating a unique Sonoran desert flavor.

Sonoran Style Kimchi

Bajo Tierra Kitchen’s Sonoran style Kimchi uses organic produce, and when possible naturally grown, local produce.  We add extra ginger, because we love it.  Our Kimchi is vegetarian, instead of fish sauce we use Kombu seaweed, which can be a good way to add calcium and iron to your diet.  It does contain a small amount of local, ethically harvested honey, but otherwise vegan friendly.

We use time and temperature to achieve a balanced product that is full of life.  Our product is available after a minimum of 20 days fermentation.  A long fermentation = unique flavor derived during the early metabolic stages, and the benefits of lactobacillus, naturally occurring at later stages of fermentation.

Because our Kimchi is a live product it should be kept refrigerated at all times.  All our products have been tested by an independent lab for six months, and certified by the health department.


So simple and delicious, only two ingredients, Cabbage and Sea Salt. Plus 35 days aging at a controlled temperature, produces what we think is an exceptionally delicious sauerkraut with slightly tangy, citrus flavor.

Rillito Park

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